This morning, at the meeting room of the national headquarters of Viale Tiziano 70, a very interesting workshop was held with prof. Carmelo Pittera, historical technical commissioner of the national volleyball team, handed over to the history with the nickname of Gabbiano d’Argento for the second place at the 1978 World Cup.

With 197 races from DTN Azzurro, participation in the 1980 Moscow Olympics, Los Angeles 1984 and Seoul 1988, as well as iridescent and continental exhibitions, the coach of Catania has then developed, through years of dedication and research, the “PSI.CO.M.” learning method based on a methodological itinerary that leads to the construction of a ‘broad base of cognitive-motor skills, an indispensable prerequisite in the stages of childhood and youth, evolutionary stages in which reaches its maximum level of development and optimization, but also applicable in other age.

And in Argentina there is a foundation with its name. The idea, told to the FGI with the same passion as when teaching volley around the world, even in parenthesis at the helm of the Egyptian National team with which he won the African Games, provides modular units for the welfare of children aged 4 and the 12 years and to increase their chances of starting sports, up to the training protocols to deal with the symptoms of Alzheimer’s and senile dementia.

The training kit designed for company technicians, motor operators, primary and infant teachers, teachers of physical education, consists of a volume with 90 emotion lessons, another with iconographic disk, three motor notebooks and a postural vocabulary dynamic.

At the meeting in Rome, presided over by the number one in Italian gymnastics, Cav. Gherardo Tecchi, also attended by the two vice presidents, the vicar Valter Peroni and Rosario Pitton, the federal councilor Pierluigi Miranda and Roberto Ghiretti, founder of the communication and marketing agency SGPlus.

In the study there are a number of options for the promotion of a project, that of Fundacion Carmelo Pittera, which aims, in the age of sedentariness induced by digital progress, to bring the movement back to the center of the cognitive system. This gave rise to a synergy that will allow a cultural leap, placing, in fact, the Federation of Gymnastics of Italy, dean of the Sports Federations recognized by CONI, in the forefront of the scientific dissemination of motor sciences.




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