January 14, 2019

The Foundation EN *

For years, Carmelo Pittera tried to work on motor skills development with children and young people in various ways, often guided by intuition. However, all existing systems proved incomplete as they did not comprehensively address cognitive development.

Following his several years of work in Italy and around the world, Carmelo Pittera deepened the study of learning, proposing a method containing a series of didactic pedagogical proposals applied to physical activity, and sports and with particular attention at the decision-making process, thus greatly expanding the possibility of cognitive development.

The “PSI.CO.M.” learning method proposes a methodological direction which addresses the construction of a broad base of cognitive-motor skills, an essential requirement in late and middle childhood, applicable to other ages as well, but achieving its highest level of development and optimization in these early, evolutionary stages.

These games and activities will help children develop better in the environment in which they live and can greatly facilitate the basic learning of sports disciplines that they will practice in the future or that they are already practicing.

The proposed focus on cognitive learning broadens the traditional view of physical activity, proposing the introduction of values ​​of knowledge and concentration that will later be key in the decision-making process in the game, in sport and in life.

Prof. Mario Enrique Edelstein.

President of the Carmelo Pittera Foundation.